Sunday, September 30, 2012

bachelorette madness! (or, 10 maidens dancing)

I've had September 29th marked on my calendar as "my bachelorette party!" for several months now.. but was not privy to the exact details behind it (which is what I prefer-- I love a surprise!)  I did know that my girlfriends had been planning and researching for quite some time.. and I couldn't wait to see what they came up with!  And I also knew that, with these classy ladies planning, I could expect more than tacky accessories and penis paraphernalia...

And I was right!  The day began when Tori picked me up and took me for a pedicure at Great Nails and Spa-- our favorite!!

a little vinho verde to start things off!

Not only do they give hands-down the BEST pedicures I've ever had (and it's an unsuspecting little place attached to a convenience store), but I'd also been greatly in need of one lately, with no time to go!  They must've read my mind. :) 

Next, we headed to Jamie's house, which was all decorated in my wedding colors (turquoise and purple, which I somehow haven't tired of looking at!) and the first wave of the party patrol had set out a spread of wine, champagne, chips and salsa, hummus, babaganoush, and dolmas!  (And, before I knew it, they were handing me a mango lemongrass tequila cocktail in a personalized mason jar, which you see above!)


a whole mess of turq and purp balloons!

sign reads Kingdom of Bachelorette: Land of the Formerly Single

Next, as we primped and got dressed to go out, I saw that I wasn't the only one directed to wear white (I cheated a little bit with some flowers but figured hey, it's my party!)-- each new person who showed up was in a white dress!  They crowned me with a bright jewel-toned veil and, before my snowy entourage and I took to the town, it was time for some pinata action...

beat it

treat explosion!

After a beatdown, the princess pinata let loose a shower of candy, glow sticks (essential for the nights' festivities), and Victoria's Secret lingerie! :)

our first of many group photos

these girls are exceptionally good at freestyle poses

We piled into cars and headed to the next mystery location..which ended up being a beautiful garden area where I'd spent many a late afternoon during sxsw at Rachael Ray's Green Party, lounging on couches while my phone recharged, eating Patron popsicles or Japanese burgers or whatever other free delicacies they were passing out that day.  The space is a venue that belongs to CTC (Comfort the Children) International, a non-profit that works to better communities in Kenya.

There is a food trailer onsite called Cazamance, serving West African cuisine (I'd actually sampled their food at a food and film event I attended here about a year ago!)  Normally, Cazamance is only open for lunch, but because Tori knows the owner Iba, he opened especially just for us!

Iba Thiam, owner of Cazamance

Voila!  Instant private garden party for us!

1st course: fruit, cheese, and honey

2nd course: a spicy soup with eggplant, carrots, chickpeas-- yummm

3rd course: a simple salad with light creamy dressing

4th course: I believe this is Yassa Chicken-- rice, chicken, olives, veggies, and some other magic-- DELICIOUS!

It was around this time, when toasts began and I looked around at my friends, that it became realer than ever: I AM GETTING MARRIED!!  As much planning as I've been doing, you'd think that would have fully sunk in at this point??  But now it really, really has.

We broke out the bachelorette bingo and were able to punch most of the squares out already (boozy bridesmaids, teary toasts, etc.)

There was some whispering planning going on about where we were going next...

And then we cabbed it, straight into the belly of the beast: West 6th Street!  A land we hardly ever enter, save for occasions such as these, which are pretty epic...

my white maids and I were quote a sight for sore eyes :)

high five for bachelorette parties!

I did not expect another proposal on this night... and with a Ring Pop!

day glo dancefloor

group hug time

a little night swim never hurt anyone!

And the surprises still weren't over!  Back at Jamie'e house, we dried off and got into pajamas and Tori broke out an boozy, delicious bourbon raisin cake!

this photo does NOT do this cake justice...


Best bachelorette party a girl could ask for!! I couldn't help myself-- I had to make candy angels in the pinata remnants and then joyfully make it rain.

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